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Helpfast was established in 1991 and operated as a small family run business. In 2001 our current owners, Derek and Ellen Ramkissoon purchased the company. Since then, the company has grown from thirty full and part time employees to over two-hundred and fifty full time employees and another one-hundred-and fifty part time employees.

The company started with a small footprint servicing a hand full of common carriers within the GTA. By the end of 2003, Helpfast had increased its portfolio by adding several blue-chip companies.

The company had always provided private fleet services to a small group of companies but in 2003 expanded this service by being awarded private fleet supplier to one of Canada’s largest retailers.

Helpfast expanded service to offer warehouse and administrative staffing services and now has more than fifty administrative staff working in the field for our customers working in Customer Service, Dispatch, and clerical positions as well warehouse employees' servicing our customers ranging from forklift and material handling operating to general labour and security.


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